Limits of exegetical aids Was: Elohim not Plural

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Shoshana, you  want to include the talmud etc. as the lens
by which to view the tanak. Yet, others want to use the NT.
Why should one be privileged over the other? You may think
that only your sacred scriptures hold the key, but others
equally vehemently think only theirs does.
To my way of thinking, both are late and tendentious.
The Hebrew Bible ought to be interpeted on the basis
of itself and other contemporary documents.
I'd say before 150 bce, and the DSS copies of the tanak.
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    You cannot understand the Torah without all the rest - Aggada, Mishna,
    Talmud, Kabbala, etc.  It is not meant to be taken in only its literal

  Ahh!  But here that is precisely what we attempt to do.  The Aggada,
Mishna, Talmud, and Kabbala may lend some interesting insights, but we do
not base our opinions on them.

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