Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Tue Jan 29 12:51:31 EST 2002

Ramban (Nachmanides):   "The word Elohim means "the Master of all forces",
for the root of the word is eil, meaning force, and the word Elohim is a
composite consisting of the words eil heim, as if the word eil is in a
construct state, and heim [literally] "they", alludes to all other forces.
Thus Elohim means "the Force of all forces".

In this regard, I think it only proper to encourage you to state any
foundation you may have other than Nachamides (whom I do not hereby wish to
disrespect) for stating that Elohim is a "composite consisting of the words
eil heim" .  I have never heard of any other who has so asserted with
reference to Elohim.


Why need a foundation other than Nachmanides?   Nachmanides understood
Biblical Hebrew grammar as well as, if not better, than all the references
which you have heard of.


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