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> No Liz, it is NOT as you say, and it's not 'neat'
> Elohim is one of G-d's names
> Why it is written as if it is plural - you have to learn deeper than the
> literal translation
> Ramban (Nachmanides):   "The word Elohim means "the Master of all forces",
> for the root of the word is eil, meaning force, and the word Elohim is a
> composite consisting of the words eil heim, as if the word eil is in a
> construct state, and heim [literally] "they", alludes to all other forces.
> Thus Elohim means "the Force of all forces".


The last time I checked (just now) this was still a list for the discussion 
of Biblical Hebrew - not Talmud, not Kabbala. ):eLoH"NW. is a plural form 
with the 1st pl pronominal suffix.  If you wish to ascribe some other meaning 
to the word than that which is indicated by the lexica or which might be 
derived from a rereading of some texts (whether in Hebrew or a cognate 
language), I would suggest that this is not the place for it.

In this regard, I think it only proper to encourage you to state any 
foundation you may have other than Nachamides (whom I do not hereby wish to 
disrespect) for stating that Elohim is a "composite consisting of the words 
eil heim" .  I have never heard of any other who has so asserted with 
reference to Elohim.


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