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Tue Jan 29 03:23:49 EST 2002

It is my experience that the arabic cognates we find in hebrew lexicons
like KBL och Gesenius often don't exist in standard arabic word books like
Hans Wehr. Now arabic is very rich of words. Sometimes the actual words can
be found in a bigger arabic word book like Lane. But the question we must
put is what weight is has, if there looks to be a relationship between a
word in the hebrew bibel and some single occurance of a arabic word in some
medieval manuscript. That is the question.

/Stig N

At 09.29 2-01-29, George Athas wrote:
>On behalf of Richard Whitekettle:
>In Koehler-Baumgartner, under the word tsade yodh II i, an Arabic cognate with
>the meaning Wildcat is given: daj/yuna (with a dotted d and a long u).
>Brown-Driver-Briggs gives the word in Arabic characters.
>I mentioned the word to a friend who couldn't find it in the Arabic dictionary
>he had at hand.
>Before tracking down the sources mentioned in KB/BDB, can anyone confirm 1.
>the existence of the word, 2. the transliterated spelling of the word, and 3.
>the meaning of Wildcat?
>Thanks for any help.
>Richard Whitekettle
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