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> Let me say again, so there is no misunderstanding: I am NOT asking if there 
> is
> or if anyone  BELIEVES there is a "Trinity" - I need information on those 2
> WORDS (Yachid - Echad)  and whether they can MEAN what the speaker said they
> meant.
The simple answer is "No."  Consider for the word YaXzD in Ps 2.2

YiT:YaC.:BW. MaLK"Y_)eReC W:RoWZ:NiYM NoWS:DW._YfXaD (aL_YY W:(aL_M:$IYXoW

The kings of the earth set themselves and the rulers take counsel together, 
against YHWH, and against his anointed.

This would appear to be your "composite unity" in that it is an association 
of kings.  The problem is that the wrong word (according to what you reported 
as being proposed).

Or consider Ps 41.8

YaXaD (fLaY YiT:LaX:a$W. KfL_&oN:)fY (fLaY

All those who hate me whisper together against me.

Here we see the same phenomenon.

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