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The BDB spelling would be better transcribed daywan, with a dot under
the d. The mark over the final nun looks to me like a hamza, equivalent
to aleph, but is probably intended as something else - I would expect an
-un nominative ending.

Peter Kirk

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> In Koehler-Baumgartner, under the word tsade yodh II i, an Arabic
> with
> the meaning Wildcat is given: daj/yuna (with a dotted d and a long u).
> Brown-Driver-Briggs gives the word in Arabic characters.
> I mentioned the word to a friend who couldn't find it in the Arabic
> dictionary
> he had at hand.
> Before tracking down the sources mentioned in KB/BDB, can anyone
> 1.
> the existence of the word, 2. the transliterated spelling of the word,
> 3.
> the meaning of Wildcat?
> Thanks for any help.
> Richard Whitekettle
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