God's name is feminine?

George Athas gathas at hotkey.net.au
Mon Jan 28 19:46:55 EST 2002

Some may misunderstand the tetragrammaton YHWH as being feminine, equating the final-HE of YHWH
with the feminine marker. This is probably not the case. Rather, it's likely that the final-HE is
just reflecting the root letters HWH (or HYH). If the name was feminine, it would probably have the
consonants YHWTH (final-HE turns to TAW before the addition of a fem.sg. gender ending).

Despite the linguistic gymnastics, Yahweh is clearly a male deity in both the Hebrew Bible and the
wider ancient Near East. He may be given female attributes, but that does not make him female. A
parallel example comes from the New Testament where, as Jesus weeps over Jerusalem, he compares
himself to a hen wanting to protect her chicks. This does not mean that Jesus was either female or
even a chicken, or even that he owned pet chicks. It's just a metaphor.

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