Plants in Genesis

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I'm not sure if I'm missing something here. Gen 2:5 uses the word TEREM to temporally locate the
creation of man, and it is before the plants. This is regardless of the nuance of the wayyiqtol
form. Just looking at the narrative, there seems to be a bare ground that is watered by a mist.
Then man is made. Then a grove is planted and man is put in it.

Now, my wife tells me I suffer from domestic blindness (I can never find anything around the house,
even when it's right before my very eyes!), so am I missing something that you are plainly seeing

In response to Bill's answer, Gen 2:5 uses the expression SYX HSDH - "field bush". This is not a
cultivated plant, but any shrub growing out in the open countryside. It also uses another word,
(SB, which is also used in Gen 1 - it's the generic term for vegetation. So, I don't see how Gen 2
refers to cultivated plants rather than wild plants. In fact, the opposite seems to be the case.

BTW, Dave, I agree to some extent about the non-temporal nature of the wayyiqtol form. I think it
has more to do with logical sequence than temporal sequence (though often these overlap

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