George Athas gathas at
Mon Jan 28 18:45:18 EST 2002

Dear Members,

B-Hebrew is a forum for discussing Biblical Hebrew and the Hebrew Bible. Members come from all
walks of life with all sorts of beliefs. This means that members must be cautious about what they
discuss and how they discuss it.

Therefore, I remind all members of the B-Hebrew guidelines to keep personal religious opinion
outside the forum. Many messages of late have been close to being outside the boundaries for
discussion on B-Hebrew, and some members have stepped beyond the boundaries. Please keep personal
religious beliefs off-list. Discussion on B-Hebrew must be about Biblical Hebrew or the Hebrew
Bible, without religious belief entering the discussion.

I also remind members that action will be taken by the B-Hebrew Chair staff against those who
disregard the guidelines.

Furthermore, the posting of jokes on this forum is rather borderline. Although many may appreciate
the jokes, they might be deemed by others as offensive (as has already been the case). Since they
are not related to Biblical Hebrew and the Hebrew Bible, I must call for them not to be posted.
Please feel free to distribute them off-list.

If you are in doubt as to the validity of your message for B-Hebrew, then please either keep it
off-list or send it to me for approval.

I would ask that members make it their aim to keep B-Hebrew a cordial, scholarly forum for the
discussion of Biblical Hebrew and the Hebrew Bible -- cordial towards all people. I say again,
those putting forward personal (religious) beliefs will be rebuked or reprimanded, especially those
advocating one belief over another. Such people will forfeit their privilege to membership of
B-Hebrew. Let's all keep B-Hebrew an amicable forum.

Thank you all for your understanding and co-operation.

(On behalf of the B-Hebrew Chair staff)

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