One or One?

JWE jwe1 at
Mon Jan 28 16:38:48 EST 2002

Hi Everyone!

Could y'all help me with a question please?

On two different occasions (the most recent being yesterday), I have been told
that the Hebrew word "Echad" (one), means a "Composite unity" i.e. more than a
"Single" one; the examples of this were, Adam & Eve being "one" and your body
having many parts but it is "one" body (This reference was presented in a
discussion on Deut 6:4) .  This person also stated if you were talking about a
"Single" one, you would use the Hebrew word, "Yachid"; the example given for
Yachid was "One" moon or sun.

Is this true, and if so, could someone please tell me if there are any website's
that may give any information on this so I could get a better understanding
regarding this?

Thank you to everyone in advance for ANY help and I apologize if this is a very
simplistic matter, but I don't really "know" Hebrew, but I am TRYING to
understand it.

G-d Bless,

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