G.Gertoux and the Name...

Peter Kirk Peter_Kirk at sil.org
Mon Jan 28 12:17:25 EST 2002

Or perhaps Yeah-wah (two syllables, with the first h pronounced). That's
how I would pronounce Gertoux's French spelling. Compare the town Maroua
in Cameroun, where I have friends, who definitely pronounce it with two

Peter Kirk

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> Hi all
> I have been reading the posts on this subject but have yet to see an
> answer
> to one earlier request on the original pronounciation.
> OK. so Gertoux says it's Yéhouah in French,
> But how is this pronounced in English?
> Some discussion has centred on -ou- but even these answers have left
me a
> bit confused (not sure if its tOO or sOW.
> As for the whole name (and particularly the French writing Yé rather
> Ye)
> Is it
> Yeah-oo-ah (early Beatles) or
> Yeah-oh-ah or
> Yay-ow-ah  or
> Yee-hoo-ah (the Santa Claus variety) or
> Yee-who-ah or
> any other combination of English sounds?
> If you cab please advise in IPA or failing that (or more likely a
> font) can you do in it in "sounds-like" style ie "-oo- as in too"
> Regards
> Joe Baker ===========\
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> Western Australia ===/
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