ian goldsmith iangoldsmith1969 at
Mon Jan 28 11:46:35 EST 2002

I may not approve of Wagner or corn beef sandwiches,
but  my silence on the matter does not imply that I
approve of them either.

"all the evidence is that the Bible does NOT  forbid
or censure human sacrifice in principle. It's an 
accepted fact of life, when it appears."

What evidence? Unless you mean silence, that's hardly
evidence. The bible does state cases of its
occurrence, but is silent on whether man or God
approves of such. In the only instance that God is
directly involved the event is stopped.
In the Judges episode, it is a tragedy of rash
promises made, but on approval or disapproval....


Jonathan D. Safren
Dept. of Biblical Studies
Beit Berl College

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