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Dear Rolf, 

Concerning Jephthah, my examination of the Hebrew text and several 
commentators, classical and modern,  which was published in my article, "Did 
Jephthah Kill His Daughter?"  (Bible Review magazine, August 1991),  led me 
to the same conclusions that you express. Deuteronomy 12:30, 31 declares 
YHWH's abhorrence of the child-sacrificing practices of the neighbors of the 
Hebrews.  Important clues in the Hebrew text of the book of Judges point to a 
different resolution of the matter than child sacrifice.

Solomon Landers

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The acceptance of human sacrifices neither accords with the 
personality of YHWH as it is described in the Tanach, nor with the 
laws therein. Even a criminal who were hanged on a tree as a curse 
was first killed. I agree that there is no condemnation of human 
sacrifice in the account of Jephrah's daughter, but that is because 
such a sacrifice was not at stake - as I understand the account.

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