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Mon Jan 28 04:12:17 EST 2002

pere.casanellas at wrote :
>This pronuntiation of Ou-a-ga-dou-gou seems to me rather strange. "Oui" or
>"Ouais!" is pronounced in French in one syllable according to what all we
know and to >Grevisse and Dict. Lexis  (Larousse). "Ouaouron" is pronounced
[wawar..], that is to say, >three syllables, according to Lexis...
As noted before, there is only (but there is) a slight distinction, in that
the "ou" is temporally longer than "w."  I am sure there are interesting
variations throughout Europe and namely Spain, but I will not carry on this
thread as we're not on a French list. For more info, anyone may contact G.
Gertoux himself (and share the results ?)
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