French OU

CL at
Sun Jan 27 15:12:54 EST 2002

Stoney Breyer wrote:
>>A few french vowels present nuances in their pronunciation, but it is not
>>the case of the OU sound.
>Oui?  As actually spoken by those unfortunates who have not had the
>advantage of instruction in good usage by M. Grevisse? . . . I am
>inquiring, not calling the statement into question; it's just that in
>English we generally find that those most anxious to define good usage are
>generally least conscious of linguistic actualities.

Dear Grevisse... this fine scholar is to French language what Jouon is
for biblical Hebrew : we are all indebted to him, in one way or another.
Right, it's not in his grammar that you will find traces of the "linguistic
actualities" of the cities crowning Paris.
Modulations in french vowels are nothing compared to Hebrew vowels changes!

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