G.Gertoux and the Name...

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It's a common issue in many languages. One I know has a word something
like "uuuuuuuuu" (actually the Cyrillic equivalent), pronounced

Peter Kirk

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> >You never know, perhaps someone out there pronounces "ouest" /uest/,
> I've never
> >heard it!
> Just to follow up...
> The distinction between /w/ and /u/ is sometimes not made in modern
> languages, as
> it seems in both French and Italian. Working with Italians, I have
> said that
> the letter "u" can be used as a consonant and they swear to me I'm
> so I
> point out words like "uomo" (man) and "uova" (egg) and ask if they
> pronounce
> these words as written, giving pronunciation examples. It takes a
> The same is true for /j/ and /i/. In Italian "yesterday" is "ieri" in
> which the
> first "i" is a /j/, just as in the French "hier" (also think of
> "hierarchie" or
> "hiatus").
> (How does this relate to BH? It's just the same story of waw and yod
> used
> both as consonants and, where necessary, as vowels.)
> Ian
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