G.Gertoux and the Name...

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at mclink.it
Sat Jan 26 00:27:13 EST 2002

You never know, perhaps someone out there pronounces "ouest" /uest/, but I've never heard it!


But in foreign names transcribed in French "ou" can be a consonant like
English "w". How many syllables are there in Ouagadougou (capital of
Burkina Faso)? It would be different if there was a diaeresis over the
"u", as in the Hebrew grammarian's name Jouon, but how is that name
actually pronounced?

Peter Kirk

> Stephen Carlson wrote:
> >...but the French "Yéhouah"
> >corresponds to "Yehwah", where Fr. "ou" = "w", does it not?
> Sorry Stephen, I do not know about Gertoux's proposal more than what
> stated in my
> previous message.
> In French, "ou"  is not "w".  It is a single sound like the double oo
> the
> English "too".
> However, I think that this thread is off.
> Camille

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