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Rolf Furuli furuli at online.no
Fri Jan 25 09:38:02 EST 2002

Dear Stephen,

I have some responsibility for the confusion. On my way to my office 
the other day I realized that I had forgotten to answer one of Liz' 
questions, so I did it  from my memory. I have now managed to get the 
English title of the book, which can solve the confusion:

"The Name of God Y.eH.oW.aH, Which is Pronounced as it is Written 
I_Eh_oU_Ah", ISBN : 0-7618-2204-6.



Rolf Furuli
University of Oslo

>At 01:29 PM 1/25/2002 +0100, CL wrote:
>>Just a few notes on L'Harmattan and Gerard Gertoux.
>>and "Charles David Isbell" asked on Thu, 24 Jan 2002 06:58:54 -0400
>>>And who was the publisher of this book?  Ye-Ho-Wa(H)'s  Vit-NeS
>>Mr. Gertoux features in his website http://gertoux.online.fr/ a very small
>>press review of his book (La presse en parle), where one journalist writes
>>that the final advice of Gertoux on the Name is Yehouah.
>I'm a little confused about what M Gertoux's proposal really is.
>A number of people said it was Ye-Ho-Wa(h), but the French "Yéhouah"
>corresponds to "Yehwah", where Fr. "ou" = "w", does it not?
>Stephen Carlson
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