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Just a few notes on L'Harmattan and Gerard Gertoux.
Rolf Furuli wrote on Wed, January 23, 2002 5:41 PM
>  There is a new book on this subject that soon will be published in
>  English. I have read the French edition: "G=E9rard Gertoux (1999) Un
>  Historique du Nom Divin YHWH, Paris: L'Harmattan. It will soon be
>  published in English by "University Press of America" (.)

and "Charles David Isbell" asked on Thu, 24 Jan 2002 06:58:54 -0400
>And who was the publisher of this book?  Ye-Ho-Wa(H)'s  Vit-NeS

I don't know about "University Press of America" but L'Harmattan is a famous
French Publisher with his 20 books a week, mostly on human sciences.  This
publisher is well renowned for giving a voice in France to foreign cultures
from all continents. I have never heard of G. Gertoux before, but I know at
least an exegete publishing at L'Harmattan, one of the TOB translators.

Mr. Gertoux features in his website http://gertoux.online.fr/ a very small
press review of his book (La presse en parle), where one journalist writes
that the final advice of Gertoux on the Name is Yehouah.  But have a look on
the section "avis de specialistes", where scholars from all horizons give
their advice on his book (many of them do it in English).
Gertoux is a Hebraist with an engineer formation : cf.

Camille Bessette
Carmel de Lisieux / France

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