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| Okay, I'm still curious. On what basis do you make this distinction? We use
| the Israeli pronunciation, which doesn't make a distinction; but one of my
| profs thinks it was originally a lateral fricative and explained it as
| positioning the tongue for /l/ and blowing air around it.

Linguistics, phonetic, cognate languages and transliterations from other languages. Although I
think a completely accurate rendition of the phonemes is beyond us, I think we can come pretty

Yes, I do think that sin was pronounced as lateral fricative in some regions -- I'm fairly sure
that the Shibboleth incident in Judges has the lateral fricative behind it. If I remember
correctly, the sin as lateral fricative was figured out by an Akkadian transliteration of some
Hebrew, where the verb ($H (to do/make) was transliterated as HALTA.

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