"admittedly syncretistic Kuntillet Ajrud fragments"

ianyoung at plato.arts.usyd.edu.au ianyoung at plato.arts.usyd.edu.au
Fri Jan 25 06:29:32 EST 2002

>Ian Hutchesson wrote:
>> Does anyone know of any text securely datable to before the exile which
>talks of yhwh without talking
>> of a consort?
>The Ketef Hinnom amulet with the Priestly Blessing.
>Jonathan D. Safren
>Dept. of Biblical Studies
>Beit Berl College

J Renz and W Rollig, in their Handbuch der Althebraischen Epigraphik,
Darmstadt, 1995, argue for a much later date (2nd century BCE from memory) for
the amulets.

Ian Young
Sydney University

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