Exilic Primary History ? Yahwehism ?

Walter Mattfeld mattfeld at mail.pjsnet.com
Thu Jan 24 22:00:55 EST 2002

Ken Smith noted-

<In addition, Deuteronomy is generally dated to the
reign of either Hezekiah or Josiah (are there any good arguments for an
exilic or post-exilic dating?)...>

<Wasn't syncretism pretty much universal in the ANE?  Why shouldn't we think
that wasn't exactly the case at KA?>

Ken, I have argued that the Primary History (Genesis-2 Kings) is Exilic. I
note a few scholars who question its being a Josanic document. cf.


As for your observation about Yahweh's syncretism, that is pretty much a
Secular Humanist understanding, which is of course is contra Confessional
understandings. For a Syncretistic view of Yahweh's 3,000 year evolution cf.


All the best, Walter

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