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> >Shalom l'kol:
> >
> >I am trying to find one or more ancient (1 B.C. or earlier) citations, by
> >a Jew who lived at that time, to the word "yayin" being used to refer to
> >UNfermented grape juice. Thanks! Matt
> >
> I would suggest :
> Isaiah 16:10
> Jeremiah 40:10b
> Nehemiah 13:15

Neh 13.15 is not that certain.  The press was a "wine-press" because it was 
used in the production of wine (after it was also fermented).  I hardly think 
that it was thereby referring to the intermediate product (grape juice) as 
wine.  The Jer and Is references are of a similar nature - the reference is 
to the ultimate product.


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