"admittedly syncretistic Kuntillet Ajrud fragments"

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at mclink.it
Thu Jan 24 00:15:41 EST 2002

>Along with Ian's question,
>is there evidence for non-Judaeans or non-Israelites
>worshipping YHWH, people from Midian for example?
>Unless I'm mistaken, Kuntillet Ajrud is very far south 
>in the Sinai. Who would have used this caravansary?
>I have not seen this point addressed anywhere.

An interesting thing about KA is the fact that there are no local wares to be 
found. All the pottery was imported -- the majority from the north, though some 
from the Jerusalem area (the big stuff, I think).

I have argued that the north may have pushed its way south down through the 
Shephelah. KA is achitecturally nothing like other sites in the area, though 
there are similarities with some sites I'd call "Israelite" describing what we 
also call the northern kingdom (begging a question about a southern kingdom).
The majority of the names were of the northern form and there is the mention of 
yhwh $mrn (and yhwh tmn). The drawings have been described as Phoenician 
influenced (as one would expect in the north). A clear Samarian presence so far 
from home would not be understandable to me without some control in the area as 


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