"admittedly syncretistic Kuntillet Ajrud fragments"

Lisbeth S. Fried lizfried at umich.edu
Wed Jan 23 23:36:50 EST 2002

Along with Ian's question,
is there evidence for non-Judaeans or non-Israelites
worshipping YHWH, people from Midian for example?
Unless I'm mistaken, Kuntillet Ajrud is very far south 
in the Sinai. Who would have used this caravansary?
I have not seen this point addressed anywhere.

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> Subject: "admittedly syncretistic Kuntillet Ajrud fragments"
> (It's also possible that the Name was known in multiple forms: it 
> certainly seems to have been shortened in some instances, e.g., in
> the admittedly syncretistic Kuntillet Ajrud fragments, where it 
> is sometimes found as YHWH, and sometimes as YHW.)
> What makes you think that the Kuntillat Ajrud inscriptions were 
> "syncretistic"
> based on the evidence we have from the period?
> Ian
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