Curious about "G-d"

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Wed Jan 23 23:04:58 EST 2002

>No, the name of G-d is a separate instance

Special pleading! On what grounds do you claim that it is a "separate instance"? 
Because it involves not the tetragrammaton, but yhw?

Do names like yhwntn not include the name of the god of the Jews? 

Or is it not really *the* name? If not, did the ancient Jews realize that, while 
giving theophoric names (as so many religionists of the ancient world did), they 
were not using *the* name? And how do you know?

Is it valid for all theophoric names from the ancient world as well? Or are you 
not interested in what the other populations around the Jews did, even though 
the ancient Jews did tend to do a lot of things as their neighbours did?


>No, the name of G-d is a separate instance
>Ultimately the following view does not make logical sense:
>>Please keep in mind that no one knows how to pronounce that name, and no one
>>was allowed to pronounce that name except for one person, in one place, once
>>a year.
>I gather then that all those ancient Jews with theophoric names couldn't even
>say their own names -- or at least knowingly got them wrong every time they
>said them. And of course all the Netanyahus etc of the modern world are
>accomplices to the fact.

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