God's name: was Curious abut "G-d"

Rolf Furuli furuli at online.no
Wed Jan 23 17:40:50 EST 2002

There is a new book on this subject that soon will be published in 
English. I have read the French edition: "Gérard Gertoux (1999) Un 
Historique du Nom Divin YHWH, Paris: L'Harmattan. It will soon be 
published in English by "University Press of America": I got a 
pre-publication discount of 20 % by ordering it last week 
(custserv at rowman.com.); ordinary price is $ 47.

The author has marshaled a huge amount of material from Hebrew and 
cognate languages, and while it is difficult to draw definite 
conclusions regarding the pronunciation of the name, this is the most 
thorough discussion I have seen.



Rolf Furuli
University of Oslo

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