PS And God saw that it was good

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at
Mon Jan 21 20:34:18 EST 2002

I still think they are related.

I'm sure the level of Torah called Kabbala, tells us exactly how.


Not necessarily. It's probably more an accident of history that TB( 
and TWB have two letters the
same. Not a single root (as far as I have encountered) has ever 
accrued an extra `ayin. I'm sure
the case is that TWB was originally a 2-letter root (TB), but TB( was 
always a 3-letter root.

There are numerous instances of words with some identical root 
letters, but very different

$MR and $M(
$LX  and  SLK
(MR and )MR name but a small few.

Best regards,

(Sydney, Australia)

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