Qa+aNiY in 1Kings 12:10

George Athas gathas at
Mon Jan 21 19:38:17 EST 2002

The context suggests Rehoboam boasting about his own potency in a way that makes his father look
impotent. There seems to be innuendo here, but it is being used to make a political remark, not
just a crude and snide insult. Remember, in the ancient world, the sexual exploits of a king were
very much connected to his ability to rule (cf. Absalom with David's concubines). In the case of
1Kgs. 12:10, I believe it is the "loins" that are the euphemism, rather than "little finger".

I've always wondered, though, could QATANI in this case refer to "little toe" rather than "finger"?

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