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I have Cragie's commentary in front of me, and so his limited critical
evaluation. I don't think he is referring to any other evaluation,
except of course for the one which he might have liked to write but
which would have taken a whole book. I don't think he ever did write it,
and sadly he is no longer with us (d.1985) to write it now.

Peter Kirk

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> Dear List-members!
> In the introduction to his Commentary on Ps 1-50 (Word Biblical
> 1983), Craigie quotes Albright about Dahood's commentary on the Psalms
> (AB):
> "Even if only a third of his (Dahood's) new interpretations of the
> are correct in principle - and I should put the total proportion
higher -
> he
> has contributed more than all other scholars together, over the past
> thousend years, to the elucidation of the Psalter"
> Dahood really introduced new thoughts into the exegesis of the
> Craigie writes: "In this commentary, wich owes a great deal to the
> of Mitchell Dahood, an attempt has been made to evaluate crtitcally
> Dahood's
> contributions to the study of Psalms 1-50. The critical evaluation is
> limited, principally because the extent of Dahood's work is so massive
> that
> a complete book would be required for critical evaluation alone"
> Does anyone know about such an evaluation?
> Yours
> Johannes

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