Johannes Hellberg j.hellberg at forsfak.been.o.se
Mon Jan 21 04:42:39 EST 2002

Dear List-members!

In the introduction to his Commentary on Ps 1-50 (Word Biblical Commentary
1983), Craigie quotes Albright about Dahood's commentary on the Psalms (AB):
"Even if only a third of his (Dahood's) new interpretations of the Psalter
are correct in principle - and I should put the total proportion higher - he
has contributed more than all other scholars together, over the past two
thousend years, to the elucidation of the Psalter"

Dahood really introduced new thoughts into the exegesis of the Psalter.

Craigie writes: "In this commentary, wich owes a great deal to the insight
of Mitchell Dahood, an attempt has been made to evaluate crtitcally Dahood's
contributions to the study of Psalms 1-50. The critical evaluation is very
limited, principally because the extent of Dahood's work is so massive that
a complete book would be required for critical evaluation alone"

Does anyone know about such an evaluation?


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