PS And God saw that it was good

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at
Sat Jan 19 23:57:04 EST 2002

Same spelling in Hebrew - Tet, Bet, Ayin

It might be a different root from Tov, but it is still related; 
according to our tradition, the Tet Bet in Teva and in Tov are not 

Teva probably derived from Tov.

So what is the root of Tov??  And what is the root of Teva??


Shoshanna, what is the Hebrew spelling of the word Teva = "nature"? It
doesn't seem to be biblical. But it seems very similar to an Arabic word
for "nature", tab`, which is spelled with the equivalent of Hebrew
tet-bet-ayin. But that would have to be a quite different root from TOV.

Peter Kirk

> Also the word Tov is related to the word meaning "nature" - Teva
> So you could translate this as "and G-d saw that it was all working
> well according to the laws of nature which He set into place."
> Shoshanna

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