Curious abut "G-d"

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Thanks for the response.  I hadn't been aware of the distinction between
writings that were intended to last, and writings that weren't.
But I guess I'm still curious.  The "name" of God isn't "God", nor is it
"Elohim".  According to various passages in Exodus, it's the
Tetragrammaton, right, i.e., YHWH?  I'm familiar with, and at one level
or another can understand, the care about YHWH, but I wasn't aware that
the same care was taken with )LHYM.  (Or is it?) If not, why is it taken
with the English "God"?
Sorry, hope I'm not being excessively dense here.
Ken Smith

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I think they don't want to write the name of God on a paper (or in a
mail) because they know that the concerned script is not meant to last
forever. In other terms: If you know that you will delete your E-Mail or
throw away your paper you come in conflict with the one of the ten
commandments not to use the name of God in vain. There is a tradition
not to throw away or burn used Tora scrolls but to bury them like a
mortal remain because the name of God is written on it. 
There is also the tradition to write elokim instead of the name of God,
or two jod for the Tetragrammaton. 
Yours sincerely 
Martin Schroeder 

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