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if you permet, I would add the definition for "Chesed" given by Reb Hirsch: 
"devote oneself entirely; give oneself to needs". 
There are five words coming from this root: 
1. devoting oneself (Gn 47:29; Ex 34:6; Nm 21:15)
2. being selfless (Ps 18:26; Ps 12:2; 86:2)
3. shaming (Pr 25:10, according to daat mikra)
4. sinful devotion (Lv 20:17)
5. stork sharing prey (Lv 11:19, according to daat mikra)
Phonetic cognates: ashad (pour down), ashad (hide; both with aleph) and 
aschat (firm up; with ajin)
You'll find these definintions in the Etymological Dictionary of Biblical 
Hebrew based on the Commentaries of Samson Raphael Hirsch, edited by 
Matityahu Clark, Jerusalem 1999. 
Martin Schröder

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