CHESED = Grace

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Fri Jan 18 07:16:04 EST 2002

From: "Christine Bass" <christinebass at>
One of my lasting impressions of Jewish mysticism is that, in the sefirotic
system, when CHESED (grace) flows with GEVURAH (judgement), it comes out
TIFERET (mercy).

Please note that GEVURAH does not mean "judgment" but "power" or "strength."
It is related to the root G-B-R, from which derive also "male" [GeBheR] and
"warrior" [GiBBoR].
Further, TIFERET has absolutely nothing to do with "mercy," but refers
clearly to "beauty" or "[divine] glory".  Its root, P-'-R, found biblically
in both Pi`el and Hitpa`el stems, may mean "to glorify or beautify" [Pi`el]
or "acquire glory or honor for oneself" [Hit, see BDB on both stems].
I see no connection between either of these words and HeSeD.
Charles David Isbell

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