phonology question,2

Randall Buth ButhFam at
Fri Jan 18 06:40:48 EST 2002


>While that website is great, it does not use a pronunciation like that of 
>Gesenius et al.  The pronunciation on the website is modern Hebrew.

The Torah reading at the website is neither modern Hebrew nor Gesenius. 
(Why would someone want to sound like Gensenius?) 
The site is with begedkefet letters (like 'thav') but without lengthened
consonants of dagesh, uses a mixed vowel scheme, neither tight 'five-vowel'
Israeli-Kimchi nor 7+ vowel Tiberian, more importantly, without `ayin or
Het, (standard mizraHi Israeli pronunciation), let alone Tet, tsade  and
Qof as consonants with retracted tongue root. As such it is probably best 
described as 'Weingreenian'. 


Randall Buth

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