CHESED = grace

Lisbeth S. Fried lizfried at
Wed Jan 16 16:28:45 EST 2002

You never read Ivanhoe, or The Three Musketeers,
or any of that stuff??? The sovereign owes the vassal
protection. Read the Amarna letters, they all plead for help.
They have the expectation that help is owed them.

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> Liz wrote: "I think it should be "covenant loyalty," fealty,
> what the sovereign owes the vassal, and what the vassal
> owes his lord."
> I agree, except that a sovereign doesn't "owe" a vassal anything.  Hence,
> whatever good thing a sovereign gives, including loyalty to a covenant, is
> considered "lovingkindness" or "grace."
> Dave Stabnow
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