Fiery Stones

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> In Eze 28:14 Ezekiel says about the King of Tyre that he "walked among
> the fiery stones". Is there some symbolic meaning in Hebrew of the "fiery
> stones". What are they?
 Probably the precious stones mentioned in the previous verse (13).
 These are igneous rock crystals, formed as molten rock cools down under
 great pressure.

 The King of Tyre's garments were richly set with jewels, comparable to
 those worn by the High Priest in his breastplate (Exodus 28:17-20). He
 seemed to fancy himself as a god, like the Pharaohs and later the Roman

 He started out well (verse 15), but fell from grace and was rejected

 For theological comment I must refer you to the commentaries.

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