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>This example comes from an invaluable reference:  _The Ohs and Ahs of 
>Torah Reading:  A Guide to the Kamatz Katan in the Torah, the Haftarot and 
>the Megillot_
>Rivka Sherman-Gold
>Yodan Publishing, Mountain View CA, 1998

Many thanks for that pointer.

When I checked out the author name on the response I got was;
 >>we were unable to find exact matches for your search for  Rivka 
Sherman-Gold <<

-- which is very curious as subsequently entering just the publisher's 
name, I got all the details and a full "blurb" at:

In the light of one previous posting which asked:
 >>If so, can't one just learn the list? qol is one. I think it's a small 

it may be worth noting that << The book lists ALL the words with Kamatz 
Katan in the Biblical texts read during synagogue services: The Torah 
(Pentateuch), the Haftarot (selections from the Prophets), the Megillot 
(Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, and Esther), as well as 
words in frequently recited prayers, psalms, and hymns. <<<

At USD 42.00 I would regard it as on the expensive side, but then book 
prices are very much in the eye of the beholder, aren't they? <g>

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