120 years in Genesis 6

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According to an article by my teacher, Jacob Klein, 120 years is the maximum
lifespan for mankind in the Emar version of the Sumerian story "Enlil and
Namzitarra", which would mean that in Genesis, as well, this should be its
meaning.  120 years is the maximum lifespan for humanity , as opposed to
70-80 years, the normal lifespan in Psalm 90.  See J. Klein, "The 'Bane' of
Humanity: A Lifespan of One Hundred Twenty Years", _ASJ_ 12 (1990).

Kol Tuv,
Baruch Alster
Zufim, Israel
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  I am wondering if anyone has any great interpretations for the Genesis
passage that talks about man only having 120 years left.  Some say that this
is the new "lifespan for mankind" others say this is how long it would be
until the flood....which is correct? Either? Are there any Hebrew insights?
  Thanks for your thoughts

  Jeff Fisher
  Minister,  Church of Christ
  San Diego ---
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