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shalom yosef

>Does anynone have any good gramars to recommend<

   If you mean reference grammars, then the starting point is 
Jouon-Muraoka, Grammar of Biblical Hebrew, 2 vol. 
   Some will suggest Waltke-O'Conner, Biblical Hebrew Syntax, 
Eisenbraun's, 1990. It has a lot of examples but a somewhat 
brittle/artificial approach to many issues that needs caution for students.
   For intermediate level, see Christo van der Merwe, et al. 
Biblical Hebrew Reference Grammar, Sheffield, 1999. He has a better
approach to issues, though of more limited scope, than Waltke-O'Conner.

If you are talking about learning Hebrew, then the place to 
start is through "listening comprehension" available in 
Living Biblical Hebrew for Everyone, v. 1 + 3 CDs. 

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or write
Gary Alley:     osculate at

An intensive 6-week immersion program is also available here in the 
summer in a quiet spot in the hills of Judea. 

blessings for a new year,

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