Ideological considerations in translation theory

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You might be interested in the b-trans list. This covers many aspects of
Bible translation (OT and NT), and I am sure you could find some interesting
discussions on this issue and perhaps find some bibliographic help.

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> Subject: Ideological considerations in translation theory
> I am interested in researching the ideological factors involved in
> Biblical Hebrew translation. Specifically I intend examining the
> "Christianizing" of Old Testament translation theory and practice. By this
> I mean to determine if and how the Christian ideology has affected
> approaches to Old Testament translation, and how these influences (if any)
> have affected reference works such as grammars and lexicons. I am neither
> Jewish nor Christian so have no ideological agenda of my own, but wish to
> determine how ideology can affect translation, particularly where sacred
> writings are being translated. If anyone is aware of work that has been
> done in this area I would appreciate some bibliographic pointers, as well
> as comment.
> Many thanks,
> Andre Landman
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