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On Tue  1 Jan 2002 (19:48:56), pete_and_hebrew at yahoo.com wrote:
>  Could you recommend
> the easier books in Hebrew Bible?  Since I most likely
> will never master the langauge, I want to pick a
> couple of books and study them well.  Just a thought.

 I found that the story of Elijah was quite exciting to read, and not too
 difficult to construe. Try 1 Kings 17 thru 19 for starters. Then try Joshua
 chapters 1 thru 11.

 Prose is "easier" than poetry. But you'll find time spent unravelling
 some of the Psalms very rewarding.

 1 Samuel is rather difficult to tackle on your own. So is Job, but for
 different reasons. Leave them for later.

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