C. D. Isbell's suggestion -- off topic

Bill Rea cctr114 at it.canterbury.ac.nz
Wed Jan 2 17:45:02 EST 2002

Lisbeth wrote:-

>Dear B-Hebrew people,
>I just want to say that about a month ago Charles David Isbell
>noticed that the days were getting very short. He suggested 
>that before they completely disappear that we each light one candle, 
>then two the next night, then three, and so on, till eight candles are
>I did that, and whaddyaknow!?!?!? It worked! The days actually
>seem to be getting a little longer now. 
>So thanks Charles.

Hmmm, something must be wrong. The days were getting longer for
a while, but they are now getting shorter. Perhaps I'l have to 
buy some candles soon. :-)

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