Easiest Book and other questions

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Pete, congrats on studying Hebrew--may your tribe increase. I would
recommend you study the book of Ruth since it will of necessity require you
to use (and hopefully learn) feminine pronominal endings and verbal forms.
Just my two cents worth. shalom, brent emery

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I'm brain new to Hebrew (chapter four to be exact) but
I'm thinking ahead and have a couple of questions.

Does anybody know if Zondervan is coming out with a
"Hebrew Grammer Beyound the Basics" to follow up with
the first addition in Hebrew and to parrallel their
Greek series?

Does anybody have two copies of the Hebrew Bible so
that they would be willing to part with their old beat
up copy for dirt cheap?  (I mean graduate student kind
of dirt cheap).

I have been around the block in Greek at least a
couple of times and have noticed that some text is
MUCH easier to read then others, with narrative often
being quite easier then epistle.  Could you recommend
the easier books in Hebrew Bible?  Since I most likely
will never master the langauge, I want to pick a
couple of books and study them well.  Just a thought.


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