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Jeff, this is not a internet source but I would recommend the book "The
Oracles of G-d:The Old Testament Canon", by Andrew E. Steinmann and
published by Concordia Academic Press. This is a great resource and I think
you would find it very informative in dealing with your question and others
that might arise. shalom,  brent emery
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  Greetings and Happy New Year!
  Can anyone point me to some great links on the internet that would tell me
about the Canonization of the Song of Songs.  I realize that this is a
debateful subject and will differ from Jews to Christians (And the Qumran
sect).  I also realize it was not yet accepted in the first century by all.
Is it even quoted in the New Testament? Any information of this subject
would be great.

  Jeff Fisher
  Minister,  Church of Christ
  San Diego ---
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