The Naver Nuisance

B. M. Rocine brocine at
Sun Dec 29 14:54:00 EST 2002


I am aware that at least some of you may have been receiving nuisance copies
of your posts to this list with an attachment from xixnsd at  I have
received the nuisances myself.  In an attempt to stop the problem, I have
tried in vain to contact the address.  I have also deleted the address from
the mailing list on a couple of occasions, which seems to have stopped the
problem temporarily.  The address seems to continue re-subscribing.  I have
now blocked the address from re-subscribing.  Hopefully this will stop the
nuisance.  If not let, me know.

Sorry, all, for the inconvenience.

Happy Holidays,
b-hebrew staff

B. M. Rocine
Living Word Church
6101 Court St. Rd.
Syracuse, NY 13206

ph: 315.437.6744
fx: 315.437.6766

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