James: Hebrew or Aramaic?

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Tue Dec 24 13:38:58 EST 2002

It has always been my understanding (and maybe I have just been flawed), 
that Jews of Jesus' time spoke Aramaic. Isn't, for example, ELOI which Jesus 
said from the cross Aramaic, while Hebrew would simply be ELI? I am no 
expert...just here to learn, so any comments would be appreciated. Matt 

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>The Watchtower literature endorses the hypothesis that in the first
>century, Jews spoke Hebrew instead of Aramaic.
>Recently, the ossuary belonging to Jesus's brother, James, has come out to
>light. It's been stated in the media that there is an Aramaic inscription
>on it. Is it true? If so, how does it affect the hypothesis of Hebrew
>speaking Jews?
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