El Shaddai

Chris Watts-westmaas watts-westmaas at zonnet.nl
Mon Dec 23 15:23:03 EST 2002

Thankyou for your comments about 'plagues', The extra information was very

The next word that has bugged me is the word: SHADDAI, root sdy.  I have
read briefly that this finds itself back to the akkadian: SADU/SADDU'a,
meaning 'mountain';  Also that 'SADU' - mountain wilderness and 'SADEH' -
uncultivated field go back to the root - Shin, Dalet, Yud.  In view of all
this how on earth do we arrive at Shaddai to mean Almighty in the context
of GOD Almighty.  Could it not possibly be that God revealed Himself to
Abraham in the context of his wilderness wanderings as 'GOD of the

Thankyou - Chris from Holland.

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