..."alive" after death in the HB?

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>> This may be true, but it is not something Qohelet claims--he nowhere claims
>> that you can find purpose or meaning in life, whether it be with or without
>> God.
> Mercifully we have more Prophets and Writings in the HB than Qohelet alone.
> He ends (12:13) with  SoWP DaBaR HaKKoL   Ni$:Ma` 'eT-Ha'e:LoHiYM
> Y:Ra' W:'eT-MiC:WoTaYW $:MoWR   KiY-ZeH KoL-Ha'aDaM.   [C = Tsade]

Of course these are not Qohelet's words, but those of the epilogist. I don't
believe it is possible to derive this from Qohelet's words.

> The whole *purpose* of creating Mankind is for him to serve his Creator.
> What's in it for the young man who follows Qohelet's advice, if there is no
> life or future existence with God after death?  Or are all to be condemned at
> the Judgment (verse 14)?  Life is only meaningless *without* God.

I have argued that these words, together with Qohelet's own words, serve as
a warning AGAINST following the way of the sages. Something akin to the
words of Job's counsellors who, though sounding pious and even quite sound,
are ultimately condemned as wrong in what they say by no lesser than God!

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Martin Shields.

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